What is spirulina?

It is a small sea plant with a cyanic green colour.

Due to its essential nutrients it is widely known as the “astronauts’ food”.
Spirulina has a high nutritional value.


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Not all spirulina supplements are the same. It is really worth it to spend a little time to get informed about
the production process and the circumstances that take place as well as the quality and characteristics the final product has before it reaches the consumer.


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The only Greek production company of spirulina certified with the ISO FSSC 22000 with the Food Safety System Certification by TUV AUSTRIA Hellas.
The high quality and safety of our products is achieved through continuous quality controls of the water to ensure there that there is no contamination due to heavy metals.
Respecting the environment, during spirulina’s production there is no use of any pesticides, insecticides, conservatives or genetically modified organisms.
Our products have been chosen for research by Greek Universities which they confirmed their valuable substances.

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Spiroulina PLATENSIS for full energy!

Although we continue to work from home and the demands increase instead of decreasing, we start the week with smiles, full energy and Spiroulina PLATENSIS!

5 ways to add Spiroulina PLATENSIS in your diet

Spiroulina PLATENSIS is pure food. For this reason there are plenty of ways that are anything but boring to eat spirulina! Upgrade your meals by adding it following the suggestions below!

4 ingredients that protect you from Covid-19

In order to protect ourselves from Covid-19, except from wearing masks, keeping distances & hygiene, it is very important to take care of our diet!

Spiroulina PLATENSIS for strong immune system!

‘Leandrus’ is here & Covid-19 is not gone yet! Protect yourself giving your body the most valuable food… Spiroulina PLATENSIS!

Best workout tips

Ending the first week of 2021, take a deep breath, put on your gym clothes and start exercising!

Spiroulina PLATENSIS: Beneficial Properties!

Begin 2021 dynamically with Spiroulina PLATENSIS because it has all you need!

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