What is spirulina?

It is a small sea plant with a cyanic green colour.

Due to its essential nutrients it is widely known as the “astronauts’ food”.
Spirulina has a high nutritional value.


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Not all spirulina supplements are the same. It is really worth it to spend a little time to get informed about
the production process and the circumstances that take place as well as the quality and characteristics the final product has before it reaches the consumer.


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The company is certified with EN ISO 9001:2015 by TUV Austria Hellas for the applied Food Quality and Safety Management System.
The high quality and safety of our products is achieved through continuous quality controls of the water to ensure there that there is no contamination due to heavy metals.
Respecting the environment, during spirulina’s production there is no use of any pesticides, insecticides, conservatives or genetically modified organisms.
Our products have been chosen for research by Greek Universities which they confirmed their valuable substances.

Spiroulina's Blog

Why take 7 Days POWER for the Lycabettus run?

At Spiroulina PLATENSIS we are proud supporters of the Lycabettus Run because 7 Days POWER is the ideal food for every runner.

The contribution of Spiroulina PLATENSIS on COVID-19 prevention & hospitalization

The contribution of Spiroulina PLATENSIS on COVID-19 prevention & hospitalization emerges again! This is proven by the recent study carried out

The hepatoprotective action of Spiroulina PLATENSIS

Lately, the emergence of acute hepatitis cases has worried the medical community. Scientists have focused on both the mode of transmission and the symptoms.

Energy for beach activities

Whether you started a vacation or not, you are definitely on a beach! Your company wants you to play volleyball. But you want to make your favorite sup.

Treat your skin with Spiroulina PLATENSIS

Put Spiroulina PLATENSIS not only in your diet but on your skin too! Just before vacation, be a guru of skincare & shine✨

Do you want a bright tan? Take Spiroulina PLATENSIS!

And what do we ask for every summer? Glowing and wheaten color on our skin! Tanning is a normal consequence of our sun exposure. But it does not always succeed!

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