Equisetum Tincture | Efkarpia farm | 20ml

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Equisetum Tincture

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Equisetum Tincture

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🗯️ Equisetum has been around for 390 million years!

Equisetum tincture:

💚 has a high content of silicon dioxide & mineral trace elements
💚 is hemostatic, antiseptic and diuretic
💚 presents hormone regulating & anti-inflammatory action

∗ The tincture is prepared with love, passion & the purest raw materials at Efkarpia Farm! No parabens, paraffin oil, or chemical preservatives are used.

Ανθοΐαμα Εκουιζέτο

Equisetum Tincture is dermatologically tested & prepared to the strictest European standards


  • It is recommended to consume it gradually, in order to avoid any allergies.
  • Its use is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • People who suffer from pathological conditions & are taking medication should consult their doctor.


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