Our Story

Back in time… Manolis Lianakis, is a surveyor engineer with a successful career in urban planning, suffers from exhaustion due to his demanding program. He then meets with spirulina…
He begins taking spirulina and soon he recovers. The “green gold” as it is usually called gave him energy and boosted him immune system. He is getting excited and he decides to invest in the algae. He begins travelling around the world in different production units of spirulina and he visited several research centres. Gradually his vision started getting shape. After a lot of research in cooperation with scientists informed in the topic, he creates an innovative production unit of spirulina, ecologically friendly in the Hot Springs of Sidirokastro in Serres. He decides that it would be a vertical production and all of the processes should be happening in Greece.
Truth is it required a lot of effort, patience and hard team work to deal with the bureaucracy until the unit starts functioning.

It is our primary aim the production of a high-quality spirulina.

“It is our ethical commitment to offer excellent quality products.
We believe in spirulina and that is why we invest in her!”

Manolis Lianakis




Cooperation with Russian scientists for innovative technological equipment for spirulina’s culture.


The production unit has been built


Spiroulina PLATENSIS products are in marker in tablets and powder form.


Research studies begin with our products from the Pathology Clinic of the Army Hospital in Crete, as well as Hospital Universities in Patra and Engineering university in Crete. The results of those researches were published in 2014 and were announced officially from researchers in the 6th PanHellenic Conference of Greek Atherosclerosis Company (4-6/12/2014)


The British broadcast channel 4 chose to make a documentary of our production unit.
License from the National Organisation of medicine and certification from TUV Austria Hellas


New product in market ‘7 Days Power Spiroulina PLATENSIS”
Participation of our company for the 1st time in exhibition (International Green Week Berlin 2015)


“Spiroulina flakes” new product in market


New products for nourishment and fighting tree and plants diseases in cooperation with “BIOEDAFOBELTIOTIKI HELLAS”.




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