Corporate Social Responsibility

“Social responsibility of business is to implement the policy, decision-making or follow a course of conduct which would be desirable from the perspective of the goals and values of society”
Howard Bowen, “father” of C.S.R.


For our company, corporate social responsibility is a long-term strategy that not only focus on future solutions but in society as well.

For us the environment is our house. Sustainability is a commitment.
Our innovative production unit in Thermopigi Sidirikostrato in Serres has an ecological profile.

We actively contribute to the protection of the environment and the saving of natural sources by reducing our activities in the environment (paper recycling, toners, lamps, observation of energy use in the office).

School visiting trips in our production unit
Our company accepts school trips in the production unit in Thermopigi Sidirokastro Serres. Prepare an exciting tour in our unit and inform children for spirulina’s beneficial effects.

In addition, create an educational file to help our little friends to wonder about spirulina, nutrition, athleisure and environment.

It is worth mentioning that over 200 students visit our production unit every year.


We sponsor our products to athletes
As sports show important values of our society, supporting it is a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility.

It is crucial for our company to help Greek athletes who continuously try to succeed worldwide and support Greece. We stand beside them during their intense training by supplying them for free with the products of Spiroulina PLATENSIS.

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