7 Days Power by Spiroulina PLATENSIS 21 tablets of 1g

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21 tablets of 1g spirulina (Net weight 21g)

100% pure Greek Spirulina,
Without artificial colors or additional preservatives.

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21 tablets of 1g spirulina (Net weight 21g)

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100% Greek Natural product
Suitable for the whole family

21 tablets of 1 g spirulina without iodine (Net weight 21g)

100 pure Greek Spirulina, without artificial or preservatives.

In a dark glass pharmaceutical bottle, which protects the product from light to preserve all the nutrients.


SYNTHESIS Per 100g Per 3g
Energy 319kcal




Proteins 65g 1,95g
Carbohydrates 8,4g 0,252g
Of which
Sugars <0,5g <0,015g
Fats 3,7g 0,109g
Of which
Saturated Fats 1032,20mg 30,996mg
Unsaturated Fats 205,9mg 6,180mg
Polyunsaturated Fats (Ω-3) 311,2mg 9,340mg
Polyunsaturated Fats (Ω-6) 2099,1mg 62,970mg
γ-linolenic acid 1960,4 mg 58,81mg
Palmitate 48,6 mg 1,46mg
Sodium 0,756g 0,023g
Dietary Fiber 6,9g 0,207g
Vitamin Β12-Cyanocobalamin 5,46μg(218% RDI*)
Provitamin A** 300,8μg (37,6% RDI*)

VITAMINS: Provitamin A: 1803(μg), Vit B1: 0,16mg, Vit B2: 0,07mg, Vit B3: 0,32mg, Vit B5: 0,03mg, Vit B6: 16,47μg. Vit B8: 1,32μg, Vit B9: 24,81μg, Vit B12: 5,46 μg, Inositol: 0,25 mg, Vit E: 0,23mg.

METALS/ TRACE ELEMENTS: Calcium (Ca): 30,85mg, Manganese (Mn): 0,16mg, Magnesium (Mg): 17,96 mg, Selenium (Se): 1,17μg, Iron (Fe): 1,51 mg, Copper(Cu): 0,02mg, Chromium (Cr): 3,3μg, Zinc (Zn): 0,2mg, Phosphorus (P): 41,24mg, Bohrium(Bo): 0,04 mg, Cobalt(Co): 1,05μg, Sodium(Na): 22,68mg, Potassium(K): 46,746 mg, Molybdenum(Mo) : 0.48pg, Fluorine (F): 0,138mg.

ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS: Histidine (His): 0,03g, Isoleucine (Ile): 0,1g, Leucine(Leu): 0,16g, Lysine (Lys): 0,08g, Methionine (Met): 0,02g, Phenylalanine(Phe): 0,08g, Threonine (Thr): 0,09g, Tryptophan (Trp): 0,04g, Valine (Val): 0,11g.

FATTY ACIDS: Caprylic (Ci): 1,84mg, Lauric (La): 1,78mg, Myristic (M): 2,58mg, Palmitic(P): 22,06mg, Palmitoleic (Pl): 1,46mg, Stearic (St): 1,45mg, Oleic (E): 4,72mg, Linolenic (L): 4,16mg, α-linolenic(ALA): 9,34mg, γ-linolenic(GLA): 58,81mg: Arachidic(Ara): 1,27mg.


Calories per serving 9,6



Additional Information

The spirulina is dried naturally within a few hours in a specially designed solar-powered dryer (without coming into direct contact with sunlight, keeping all light-sensitive antioxidants intact).

The product is not irradiated. No pesticides, herbicides, or genetically modified organisms are used.

The tablets do not contain excipients, colorings, additives, adhesives, or preservatives.


Spirulina should be stored in a dry and cool environment and should not be exposed to temperatures above 40°C as it contains heat-sensitive nutrients such as vitamins. For the same reason it should be consumed raw (avoid cooking or boiling).


Ideal product for every athlete!

  • Power tablets for power results
  • Every tablet contains 1g pure spirulina

Why 7 Days Power by Spiroulina PLATENSIS?

  • It provides energy for every training and game
  • It contributes to repair after every intense activity

General Instructions

Adults: 3 tablets (3g spirulina) daily, with water or juice

Children: 1 tablet (1g spirulina) daily, with water or juice


Health Questionnaire 

In order to achieve the best possible results, fill out the Health Questionnaire in order to receive personalised instructions of our products.

 Health Questionnaire 

We would like your attention

People with thyroid problems should consume spirulina without iodine, in consultation with their treating physician.

  People who suffer from the following should not consume spirulina:

  • Phenylketonuria
  • Crohn’s Disease (during flare-up periods)
  • Ulcerative colitis (during flare-up periods)
  • Kidney Failure

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