Energy for beach activities

Whether you started a vacation or not, you are definitely on a beach! Your company wants you to play volleyball. But you want to make your favorite sup. To have full energy for each activity follow our tips!

Eat right!
Have small and frequent meals! Eat healthy and filling snacks like Cereal bars with Spiroulina flakes! Simple and austere snack! Gives a lot of energy thanks to the fiber and protein of Spiroulina flakes. To have enough bars, make your own! Find the recipe here!

Hydrate constantly!
Elevated temperatures combined with heavy sweating can lead to dehydration, which causes fatigue and exhaustion. Prevent it by drinking Smoothies with Spiroulina PLATENSIS! Order your favorite and just add a sachet of Spiroulina PLATENSIS Powder!

Take Spiroulina PLATENSIS with you!
It helps to increase endurance & muscle mass but also recovery, thanks to the nutrients it contains:
protein, of plant origin at a rate of 65-70%
carbohydrates, source of energy of the brain and muscles
B-complex vitamins, important for energy release during metabolism
iron, for immediate stimulation of the body
Because spirulina is a microalgae with 99% absorption by the human body, it ensures greater absorption of nutrients compared to chemical, synthetic dietary supplements.

Spiroulina PLATENSIS… super energy completely naturally!

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