4 Bamboo straws & cleaning brush

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Original bamboo straws
& biodegradable cleaning brush

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Buy Bamboo straws!
Reduce the use of plastic!

♦ Original Bamboo straws: They are 100% biodegradable, reusable & very durable (diameter 6-8mm | height 20cm).
♦ Cleaning brush: It is 100% biodegradable, made of steel & nylon-4.
♦ Pouch made of natural burlap (Juta): It is used as a protection & carrying case, to have it with you everywhere!

* The straws are certified by Aral SA & approved by EFET.

** For hygiene reasons, the bamboo straws are non-refundable.

Because bamboo straws are eco friendly!
They are completely organic
They are 100% sustainable
They are biodegradable

With 6 Bamboo straws a year, the planet gets rid of 450 disposable plastic straws!

What do we do before the first use?
It is suggested to rinse them with water & soap or to boil them for 15′.

How do we clean the straw after use?
After each use, we rinse the straw placing it under running water & cleaning the inside using the biodegradable brush that is provided.

In case we have a juice or smoothie with vivid color & the straw is stained, we boil it for 15′ to take off the color!

Why save it in Juta pouch?
So you can always have the bamboo straw with you…in the most eco friendly way of carrying.
We chose the Juta pouch (natural burlap) because it is eco friendly, 100% biodegradable & completely recyclable. It is very durable & it’s low elasticity allows the bamboo straw “to breath”.

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