Do you want a bright tan? Take Spiroulina PLATENSIS!

And what do we ask for every summer? Glowing and wheaten color on our skin! Tanning is a normal consequence of our sun exposure. But it does not always succeed!

The solution lies in our diet!
The ability to tan depends not only on sun exposure but also on the elements in the body that help in the secretion of melanin.

Spiroulina PLATENSIS: the food for an amazing tan, thanks to its nutrients:
Β-carotene, which gives a uniform tan with duration
Vitamin Β12, which helps in the production of melanin
Vitamin Ε, which is necessary for the elasticity and hydration of the skin
Minerals & fatty acids, which catalyze the acquisition of a radiant tan.

Smoothie with Spiroulina PLATENSIS for a deep tan


Enjoy! 😉

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