5 tips for a healthy body!

Γυναίκα με αθλητικά ρούχα και υγιές σώμα

Just before the summer, we complain about the kilos of quarantine & cellulite … But we should worry more about health and not about the beauty of our bodies!

5 tips for a super healthy body!

♦ Hydrate properly
Water contributes to all metabolic processes in the body. We need 8-10 glasses of water. And so that there is no monotony instead of water you can drink smoothies with Spiroulina PLATENSIS! Get ideas here! Of course you will enjoy them with a Bamboo straw! In addition to healthy, be eco!

♦ Start your day having breakfast!
A good breakfast supplies your body with all the energy and wellness you need. In addition, it helps maintain weight, as it reduces cravings! Before you leave for work, make an Acai bowl with Spiroulina PLATENIS! See the recipe here! Of course you are going to serve it in a Coconut Vegan Bowl & you will enjoy it using a Handmade coconut spoon! Be eco, we said!

Expel free radicals from your body with the help of antioxidants. By removing them you will feel well and your body will work around the clock! Make a Smoothie with pomegranate and Spiroulina PLATENSIS Powder. Super antioxidant action and rich taste! See the recipe here!

♦ Exercise regularly!
Sounds cliché! However, exercise is essential for a healthy body. Walking, running, swimming, cycling and dancing are fun ways to keep your body healthy and in shape! And do not forget! Before & after each sport activity to take Spiroulina PLATENSIS!

♦ Choose the right snacks!
It may have not crossed your mind, but this snack is hurting you more than you think! Croissants, chips, cookies, and other ‘classic’ snacks fill you with trans fats, calories & toxins! Put healthy snacks like fruit & cereal bars in your life and satisfy your cravings! Make yourself the healthiest Cereal bars with honey and Spiroulina flakes! See the recipe here!

Be the healthiest version of yourself… naturally with Spiroulina PLATENSIS!

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