4 ways for an eco friendly daily life!

Bamboo οδοντόβουρτσα σε πράσινο φύλλο

In a world that is changing, we change as well! We become more eco friendly with 4 simple moves!

∴ Use less plastic
Replace plastic straws with Bamboo straws, plastic bowls with Coconut Vegan Bowl! Find them here!
Remember that 4,8 – 12,7 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year. So you can do something about it!

Replace your cutlery
Throw away those you have with plastic handles and hide the metal ones! It’s time to put the coolest eco trend! The Coconut cutlery! Handmade fork, Handmade knife, Handmade spoon made out of Coconut are the most suitable to accompany your every meal! It is the most sustainable choice since coconut is an organic material! Find them here!

∴ Choose a Bamboo toothbrush
Bamboo by nature provides antimicrobial self-protection by offering the use of bamboo that ensures durability and ergonomics in the handle as well as natural antibacterial protection for the oral cavity. In addition, it is extremely light! Find it here!

Use ‘natural’ cleaning products
Limit chemicals and trust the power of nature! Wash dishes, clothes and everything else needed at home with pure green soap. For extra disinfectant action add vinegar or lemon.

Let’s get ‘eco’ friendly with Spiroulina PLATENSIS products!

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