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As part of our effort to help you receive the best possible Spiroulina PLATENSIS products and to have the desired results to the maximum extent possible, we suggest you complete the following Health Questionnarie.

After filling it out, you will receive in your email personalized instructions for use of our products (dosage - frequency of reception).

We emphasize that spirulina is contraindicated in people suffering from phenylketonuria, autoimmune intestinal (Crohn's, ulcerative colitis) during the period of exacerbation and in all those undergoing dialysis. In case of kidney deficiency spirulina can be taken only with the permission of the treating physician. It is also good to avoid its use in people who have had heart, liver and kidney transplants.

Also, people with thyroid disease should consume spirulina without iodine, in consultation with their doctor.

The lot number is mentioned in the white sticker on each package and its placed above the barcode.

Please correct the answers to the fields that are mentioned with red colour.
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In case your Spiroulina PLATENSIS will be used by other members of your family, it is suggested that they also fill up this questionnaire.

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