Instructions for Use

Spiroulina PLATENSIS products can be used by adults and children above 3 years of age according to the following instructions:


Spiroulina PLATENSIS powder
Adults: 1 sachet (3g) daily with water or juice
Children: ½ of the sachet (1,5gr) daily, with water or juice

Spiroulina PLATENSIS powder can be added in smoothies, salads, vegetables, sandwiches, cakes or other sweets. See recipes here.

Spiroulina PLATENSIS tablets

Adults: 6 tablets (3g) daily, with water or juice
Children: 3 tablets (1,5g) daily, with water or juice

7 Days Power
by Spiroulina PLATENSIS

Adults: 3 tablets (3g) daily with juice or water
Children: 1 tablet (1g) daily, with water or juice

Spiroulina flakes
by Spiroulina PLATENSIS

Adults: 2 tablespoons (3g) daily
Children: 1 tablespoon (1,5g) daily

ΤSpiroulina flakes can be added in salads, sandwiches, cakes or other sweets. For recipes see here.


Our philosophy aims for the respect of the different needs of the consumers

Since every organism has different needs (depending on the weight, height, age and energy needed, possible health problems etc.) the Medical department of the company has created a health questionnaire in order to help the consumer to gain the best outcomes from Spiroulina PLATENSIS:

What will you gain for completing the Health Questionnaire?

You will receive personalised instructions for our products (dosages & frequency usage) from the Medical and Dietary department of the company, in order to receive the appropriate results at a greatest extent.

You can complete the Health Questionnaire here

Spiroulina is kept at a dry and cool place and shouldn’t be exposed in temperatures above 40 C as it contains photosensitive nutrients such as vitamins. For the same reason it should be consumed raw (without being cooked or boiled).


People with thyroid should consume spirulina without iodine after contacting their doctor.

People with the following disorders should not receive spirulina:

– Phenylketonuria
– Chron’s disease
– Ulcerative Colitis
– Kidney failure

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