The contribution of Spiroulina PLATENSIS on COVID-19 prevention & hospitalization

Ιατρός σε ένα εργαστήριο μελετά ένα υγρό σε δοκιμαστικό σωλήνα

The contribution of Spiroulina PLATENSIS on COVID-19 prevention & hospitalization emerges again! This is proven by the recent study carried out at the Department of Pathology of the Naval Hospital of Crete by Dr. Elias E. Mazokopakis & Dr. Maria G. Papadomanolaki & published in the European Journal of Medical and Health Sciences [2022; 4(3), 82-83].59 The medical community does not rest & continues the battle for knowledge.

The study

Background & Objectives: Spirulina is a superfood with high nutritional value and multiple beneficial properties (e.g. antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, hypolipidemic, antihypertensive, antidiabetic, hematopoietic, anticancer, antiasthmatic, antimicrobial, antiviral, etc.).  Thanks to these positive effects Spiroulina PLATENSIS is used both in the prevention and treatment of various diseases. The purpose of this study was to investigate the role of spirulina supplementation in the prevention of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and hospitalization.

Methods: The health status of 186 Greeks (median age: 47, range: 30-60 years), unvaccinated against COVID-19, was studied for 6 months. Among them, 102 unvaccinated subjects received orally 6g of spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) daily for 6 months. Anthropometric characteristics (height, weight, body mass index/BMI), systolic and diastolic blood pressure, complete blood count, and biochemical assessments were recorded and measured before Spirulina intake.

The results
Of the 102 unvaccinated individuals who received spirulina, only 14 (13.7%) contracted SARS-CoV2 (confirmed Delta variant) with mild symptoms, and 2 (1.9%) required hospitalization for acute viral gastroenteritis. In contrast, among the 84 unvaccinated subjects who did not receive Spirulina, 62 (73.8%) contracted SARS-CoV2 (confirmed Delta variant) with mild symptoms, and 17 (20.2%) required hospitalization. None of the patients died.

The conclusion
The intake of 6g Spiroulina PLATENSIS daily ημερησίως can contribute to the war against coronavirus-2019, significantly preventing the onset of the disease (COVID-19) and reducing the need for hospitalization.

The Spiroulina PLATENSIS products that were used in the study are Spiroulina PLATENSIS Tablets Without Iodine & Spiroulina PLATENSIS Powder Without Iodine.

View the full clinical study here.

Spiroulina PLATENSIS: Proven beneficial action against COVID-19.

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