Tips for not gaining weight at Easter

Παρέα νέων ανθρώπων σε αυλή που πίνουν και τρώνε και γελάνε

Whether we celebrate Easter in the village or in the city, one thing is for sure: the rich tables! We certainly can not avoid them (and we do not want to!) But we can manage them in a smart way so as not to lose control!

Dos & τα Don’ ts of the Easter diet!

♦ Start your day with a full breakfast, such as an Acai bowl with Spiroulina PLATENSIS Powder. Lots of nutrients and perfect taste! See the recipe here!
Eco tip! Do not forget to serve it in a Coconut Vegan Bowl!

♦ Drink plenty of water before your main meal! And if you find it monotonous to just drink water, make Lemonade with  Spiroulina PLATENSIS Powder! It is delicious, nutritious and without calories! See the recipe here!
Eco tip! Say goodbye to the plastic straw and enjoy your drinks with s Bamboo straw!

♦ Always start your meal with a salad. Make Green salad with carrots and Spiroulina flakes! Fiber causes satiety and so you will eat less! See the recipe here!

Don’ ts
Do not skip meals! This will lead to overeating as soon as you sit at the table!!
Avoid fatty appetizers and side dishes: french fries, cheese, sauce, pies, etc.
Do not overdo it with alcohol! A little wine is required at meals.

Super tip! Take Spiroulina PLATENSIS daily!
Spiroulina PLATENSIS contributes to the regulation of body weight and the activation of metabolism, since:

  • it creates a feeling of satiety if taken before a meal, resulting in eating less but feeling full between meals.
  • keeps the cravings under control thanks to the protein, the essential and non-essential amino acids, but also the polysaccharides.

Follow our tips & this Easter you will only gain joy… not weight! 😉

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