5 tips for an effective diet!

Μπολ με φρούτα & δίπλα ένα μπολ με σπιρουλίνα flakes σε λευκό φόντο

Another Monday has come! Another Monday that (probably!) you will start a diet! To have results follow the tips below!

4+1 tips for effective diet

♦ Consume food from all groups!
The effectiveness of a diet depends on the variety, balance and harmony of foods and flavors. So for lunch you can make Spaghetti with broccoli and Spiroulina flakes. It is a meal that includes carbohydrates thanks to pasta and vitamins thanks to broccoli and protein thanks to Spirulina flakes! See the recipe here!

Drink plenty of water!
Water reduces thirst, helps to hydrate the body and creates the feeling of satiety. Now that the weather is open, for more flavor and variety you can replace the water with Lemonade with Spiroulina PLATENSIS Powder. Great meal, full of antioxidants! See the recipe here!
#extratip Do not forget to replace the plastic straw with a Bamboo straw! In addition to fit, become eco-friendly!

♦ Eat a full breakfast!
A proverb says: ‘In the morning eat like a king.’ And the thymosophical people are right. Limiting meals is not the ideal way to lose weight. If we do not eat in the morning, during the day, we will consume even more calories. A good breakfast should include protein and fiber. So start your day with an Omelet with spinach and Spiroulina flakes! See the recipe here!

♦ Exercise regularly!
No diet program, no matter how effective it is, can bring about significant changes in body weight, if not combined at the same time with aerobic exercise (cycling, walking, etc.). Exercise increases muscle mass, stimulates the secretion of hormones, and offers a feeling of satisfaction. Put on your sportswear, and start with a brisk walk! Do not forget to take Spiroulina PLATENSIS before exercise!

♦ Put Spiroulina PLATENSIS in your diet!
Spiroulina PLATENSIS has nutrients that help regulate weight:

    • Protein: builds muscle tissue and causes a feeling of satiety
    • Iron: low iron levels block metabolism because muscles are not oxygenated properly, energy is reduced and metabolism is deregulated
    • Fiber: help the body burn more fat and deal with fat more effectively.

In addition, Spiroulina PLATENSIS is a 100% natural slimming aid, as it contains a concentrated form of a wide range of nutrients, replenishes the deficiencies that can be created in the body & does not burden it with extra calories!

Put Spiroulina PLATENSIS in your life & lose the pounds that weigh you down!


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