5 light fasting meals

Μπολ με σαλάτα κους κους

Τελευταίες ημέρες νηστείας! Ίσως έχεις ξεμείνει από ιδέες! Ίσως σε έχει κουράσει κιόλας! Έχουμε 5 τέλειες ιδέες για νηστίσιμα γεύματα!

Salad with couscous, vegetables and Spiroulina flakes
A complete meal thanks to the nutrients contained in vegetables, couscous and Spiroulina flakes! Find the recipe here!

Spaghetti with broccoli and Spiroulina flakes
The favorite vegetable, cooked with pasta and Spiroulina flakes! A meal of high nutritional value that will make young and old! Find the recipe here!

Zucchini balls with Spiroulina flakes
Classic and favorite recipe in its fasting version! Great taste and rich nutrients thanks to zucchini and Spiroulina flakes! Find the recipe here!

Spaghetti with minced lentils & Spiroulina flakes
The favorite food of (almost!) every Greek somewhat different! Full of iron thanks to the lentils and the Spiroulina flakes! Find the recipe here!

Lasagna with mushrooms & Spiroulina flakes
Lasagna in new adventures! Combine them with mushrooms and Spiroulina flakes for full protein and nutrients! Find the recipe here!

#ecotip Serve your meals in a Coconut Vegan Bowl!

Enjoy the last days of fasting with Spiroulina PLATENSIS!

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