Tips to not gain weight until the exams!

Νεαρή κοπέλα διαβάζει για τις πανελλήνιες

We count down for the exams. The energy you consume in reading is great and your need for sweet / savory / fatty snacks is even greater!

Tips to not gain weight until the exams!

♦ Eat a full breakfast
It will fill you up and you will not have cravings until the next meal! In addition, it increases glucose levels and the brain “gets ahead”! An ideal breakfast is an Acai bowl with  Spiroulina PLATENSIS Powder! It is rich in nutrients and tastes perfect! See the recipe here!

♦ Make small and frequent meals
You will feel full all the time and you will not resort to “sinful” snacks such as chocolates, croissants, cookies, etc. A perfect idea for a quick and tasty snack is a fruit salad with seasonal fruits sprinkled with Spiroulina flakes!

♦ Moisturize!
Try to drink enough water. And if you prefer to drink something with taste, make a Smoothie with kiwi and Spiroulina PLATENSIS Powder. Full of vitamins and other nutrients, perfect taste and ideal to fill you up! See the recipe here!

♦ Eat chocolate but in moderation!
Indeed, moderate consumption of chocolate increases the production of endorphins, the substances responsible for mood. So ask your mom to make you Vegan truffles with Spiroulina flakes. Great, healthy and low in calories! See the recipe here!

♦ Take Spiroulina platensis daily!
Thanks to this you will have the extra energy you need and by receiving it in the right way not only will you not gain weight but it will help you lose some! This is because one of the key properties of Spiroulina PLATENSIS is the regulation of body weight and the activation of metabolism, since:

  • it creates a feeling of satiety if taken before a meal, resulting in eating less but feeling full between meals.
  • it keeps the cravings under control thanks to the protein, the essential and non-essential amino acids, but also the polysaccharides.

Spiroulina PLATENSIS the necessary food for every student … with no extra weight!

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