6 tips for activating the metabolism

Νεαρή γυναίκα στην παρλία κάνει τζόκινγκ φορώντας ακουστικά

Just before the summer, do you feel any insecurity about your body? Do you think that in this quarantine you gained a little weight? Avoid any insecurity by following our tips!

The secret lies in activating the metabolism
To gain the ideal weight you just need to change your daily eating habits and activate your metabolism.

Tips to make your metabolism work like a clock!

✔️ Have small and frequent meals
Every 3-5 hours eat foods that keep your blood sugar levels stable. Choose for your tithe Cereal bars with honey and Spiroulina flakes (see the recipe here) and for your afternoon snack, a Cool Fruit Salad sprinkled with Spiroulina flakes (see recipe here).

✔️ Put salads in your life
Whatever the main dish is, the salad should not be absent. Fill your body with fiber and antioxidants with a green salad with Spiroulina flakes! See the recipe here! Of course you serve it to a Coconut bowl & you enjoy it using the Coconut fork! In addition to the body, we take care of our planet! 😉

✔️ Limit processed foods
They are high in calories but low in nutrients. Choose fresh seasonal vegetables and make meals with high nutritional value such as Buckwheat with vegetables and Spiroulina flakes. See the recipe here!

✔️ Avoid sugar
Sugar slows down metabolic processes. You can eat sweets with stevia, honey or brown sugar. Make the most delicious and healthy oatmeal cookies with apple & Spiroulina flakes. See the recipe here!

Toxins block metabolism. Get rid of them by just drinking smoothies! Try drinking a detox smoothie every day with Spiroulina PLATENSIS. Get ideas here! And don’t forget to enjoy it with a bamboo straw! 😉

✔️ Consume regularly Spiroulina PLATENSIS
It enhances metabolic processes, as it contains nutrients that awaken the metabolism. These are: amino acids, protein, vitamin D, iron, fiber, and calcium. In fact, studies have shown that calcium intake can help the body burn fat more efficiently.

For a ‘running’ metabolism Spiroulina PLATENSIS… naturally!

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