Why is Spiroulina PLATENSIS the ideal supplement for family?

Πατέρας με γιο πιασμένοι χέρι χέρι περπατούν σε ένα όμορφο τοπίο με πράσινο και γαλάζιο ουρανό

A beautiful weekend reaches its end and a demanding week is approaching. After Sunday walk, everyone in the family plans its program…but the program is demanding!
What does anyone in the family need in order to have energy for a demanding routine?

What are the essential nutrients for energy?
Dad needs energy because work in office is demanding. Mum needs energy because apart from her work she is responsible for the household and generally mums are superheroes!
They are always there for everything!
Kids need:

  • Energy
  • Memory and concentration enhancement due to studying
  • Normal function of skeletal and nervous system.

You don’t need to search in order to find your lost energy!
Good nutrition is the key to wellbeing and energy!

Food: the gas of our organism
Food is not only for pleasure or fulfilment.
It is the way to receive the energy required in order to perform all activities.
Essential nutrients that we receive through food are also essential for the brain as they contribute to its normal function and highest performance.

What are those ingredients?

Proteins are the necessary substances that our body needs for growth and repairment of damaged cells. Furthermore, they are needed in digestion and help in the antibody production in order to fight diseases. Also, they form enzymes necessary for energy release and maintenance of life.

Complex B Vitamins
It is consisted of the vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12. All these vitamins are necessary for the absorption of nutrients for energy release.
Also, the activate part of the enzymes that participate in neuronal trafficking which are necessary for the connection between brain and organs. Deficiency in vitamins B lead to anaemia, a situation where the feeling of tiredness is intense.

Vitamin D
It is known as the “sun vitamin”. This is because the largest part of this vitamin is produced by exposure in the sun. It is necessary for normal function of the nervous and muscular system. In addition, it improves memory and concentration. Deficiency of vitamin D is common in our country even though we have sun for most time of the year.

Vitamin C
It is an antioxidant vitamin. It enhances brain activity due to the production of a neuron transporter that is associated with concentration. Furthermore, its strong antioxidant activity protects the brain from cell damages.

It is considered the metal that fights stress but also prevents cardiovascular disorders. Furthermore, it protects against the damages caused by free radicals. In addition, it regulates serotonin release, a neuron transporter that controls mood and is a regulatory factor of melatonin, a hormone that controls the sleep-cycle.
It participates in many metabolic activities for energy production.

Ω-3 Fatty Acids
Fatty acids cannot be synthesized in the body due to the lack of enzymes therefore they are administered through food. They play an important role in brain function and contribute in memory and concentration enhancement. Add in your diet food enriched in fatty acids so you can provide energy to your organism. In addition, you should also sleep for 7-8 hours daily.

Add Spiroulina PLATENSIS daily in your life!
There are no secrets to be revealed!
For a calm and peaceful routine for all the family, follow a good nutrition and add Spiroulina PLATENSIS in your program!

Spiroulina PLATENSIS is the ideal supplement for all as it contains a wide variety of essential nutrients, among those are:

  • Proteins, offer energy
  • Iron with high bioavailability, that offers boosting
  • Complex vitamin B. help release energy in the metabolism
  • Carbohydrates, that keep blood glucose levels stable
  • Fatty acids which help in the function of the nervous system

The outcome? Concentration and memory work better!

Do yourself a gift and give it all the essential nutrients with the natural way!
Add in your everyday life Spiroulina PLATENSIS and see immediate results!

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