Protective Mask for kids Double Layered Reusable with flexible nose bridge | Dark Blue 1 piece

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Premium, Washable, Double Layered
with flexible nose bridge

Extremely comfortable
Hand Made in Greece

Weight 0.030 kg
Dimensions 17.5 × 9 × 0.5 cm


Protective mask 100% cotton washable double layer with filter slot

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Premium Protective Mask for kids Spiroulina PLATENSIS
Double Layered, with flexible nose bridge

100% Cotton
Double Layered
With flexible nose bridge
Fabric with tight weaves
Extremely comfortable
Transparent sealed packaging (individually sealed)

◊ Washing Temperature 60-90ºC
Iron on a high heat setting
Color: Dark Blue | Made in Greece

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* It is recommended to wash and iron before use.
** Due to hygiene reasons and safety precautions for our customers, we don’t accept returns.

How big is the Mask for kids Spiroulina PLATENSIS?
Our mask is designed to cover from the top of your nose bridge to the bottom edge of your chin.
• At its functional position it has 14,5 cm wide and 12 cm height
• When laid flat 20cm it has 14,5 cm wide and 6.5 cm height


How often should I wash the Mask Spiroulina PLATENSIS?
Medical experts advise that the masks should be washed once a day in the case they have been used.
Attention: the mask should be completely dry before you put it on. Do not use a dump mask.


What is the best way to clean the Mask Spiroulina PLATENSIS ?
You should wash the mask in 60-90 oC and let it dry until is completely dry. you should also iron the mask in high temperature for sterilazation purposes.
If you chose machine-wash, please wash the mask in cold water with similar colors.


♦ We recommend you having 2 to 3 personal masks for just yourself.

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