Exfoliating mitt made of hemp & jute fibers

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Rejuvenation & deep cleansing

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Exfoliating mitt made of hemp & jute fibers

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Soft & glowing skin completely… naturally!

Exfoliating mittwith a natural composition of hemp & jute fibers
Hemp fibers (CBD) deeply hydrate & regenerate the skin (certified organic product without THC)
The jute fibers or ‘golden fibers’ give durability to the glove & help to deeply exfoliate the skinς.

It is dermatologically tested | Vegan | Paraben free

* For hygiene reasons, the exfoliating mitt is not returnable.

Because the hemp & jute exfoliating mitt introduces us to the ultimate spa experience!
Removes dead cells in a natural way, without injuring the skin.
Activates blood circulation & tightens the skin.
It gives soft & silky skin!

It is manufactured in a natural hemp, loofah, agave, and jute fiber processing unit. If you are allergic to any of the above, please avoid use.

♦ Wet the exfoliating mitt with warm water
♦ Apply a small amount of soap
♦ Rub your body with slow & circular movements
♦ Rinse with lukewarm water
♦ Gives soft & silky skin!

* After use, rinse the exfoliating mitt & let it dry naturally.

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