Extra virgin olive oil250ml | Loustari

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Cretan Olive Oil Loustari

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Cretan Olive Oil Loustari

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From Crete to your plate!

The ‘Loustari’ is:

  • 100% greek (is collected in the family olive groves in Orino, Sitia)
  • excellent olive oil of low acidity & rich nutritional value
  • of the Koroneiki variety with a delicate and fruity taste

Acidity: < 0.3 | Cold production | Store in a cool and dark place

To bio Ριγκατόνι με Θυμάρι

Lustari olive oil:

  • has strong antioxidant properties, contributing to longevity
  • strengthens the immune system and has an antithrombotic effect
  • prevents cardiovascular diseases by regulating cholesterol

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