June goal: I follow a more eco lifestyle

Μία καρύδα κομμένη στη μέση πάνω σε ξύλινο πάγκο και δίπλα ένα μπολ και μαχαιροπίρουνα από καρύδα

Have you considered how much plastic you have burdened the environment with all these years? Every action of ours leaves a mark … an imprint on the environment. Maybe it is time to leave something good on this planet!

🍃 Be environment friendly… it’s a trend!
A fashion can change our lives forever! One small effort can change the planet forever!

🍃 Be a zero waster!
We say goodbye to plastic day by day! So choose canvas bags for your groceries & reusable items like bamboo straws & coconut bowls for your meals. Even if you cannot avoid paper or plastic, choose recyclable packaging and generally recycle everything!

🍃 Be a food saver!
Of course, waste reduction does not only concern packaging or everyday items but also our food! Reduce food waste by buying from the supermarket only what you need and get creative with your weekly meals

🍃 Be a composter!
Of course, your balcony can hold a small compost bin for leftovers from fruits, vegetables, and other materials! It is the best way to make quality soil for your plants!

🍃 Be an ethical fashionista!
Sustainability affects all areas of human activity. Fashion, then, could not be missing! Adopt the model of ethical fashion, limiting shopping & giving life to your old clothes. The results of doing so? The reduction of ecological footprint!

Improve your life & save the planet! It is your most natural choice!

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