4 changes for a sustainable lifestyle

Ένα coconut bowl δίπλα σε γλαστράκια

🌍 ‘A journey of many kilometers begins with a single step ‘
Begin the magical journey for a wonderful and more natural way of life by incorporating the following habits into your daily life!

🌱 Compost
Do not throw any leftover food or eco products that have deteriorated, in the trash! Try composting! It is a natural process that converts organic matter into soil rich in nutrients, ideal for your plants. You will reduce the amount of methane & the amount of waste!

🌱 Recycle
You are definitely already recycling! But you can for sure recycle even more! For example, in addition to paper, you can recycle glass, aluminum, batteries and even cars! So before you throw something away, see if you can recycle it!

🌱 Get rid of plastic
It may sound a little difficult because it is everywhere in our lives! Its abolition, however, comes with simple changes! Use a fabric bag for your shopping, choose Bamboo straws for your drinks, Coconut Bowl & cutlery for your meals! Find them here and say goodbye to plastic!

🌱 Choose eco-friendly products for your personal care
Have you ever thought about how many plastic toothbrushes you have used so far? Probably a lot! Replace your plastic toothbrush with a Bamboo toothbrush! It is elegant, friendly to your body and the bamboo handle is biodegradable! Get it here!

Make eco choices in your daily life for a sustainable lifestyle! 💚

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