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Not all spirulina supplements are the same. It is really worth it to spend a little time to get informed about the production process and the circumstances that take place as well as the quality and characteristics the final product has before it reaches the consumer.


Consumers should be incredibly careful as algae have a high capacity for biodegradation of heavy metals, which means that their presence either in the water or in the nutrients used to grow spirulina would result in a burden on the final product.

In the production process of Spiroulina PLATENSIS there are quality checks of the water and raw material used,that happen regularly in order to reassure the nonexistence of heavy metals and microbials in them. You can find more information at Production and Quality.

Whatever is green isn’t necessary spirulina.
Indeed, there are several products in the market that are named spirulina, but they contain other algae.

In the production process of Spiroulina PLATENSIS quality checks on the culture tanks happen regularly that ensure the monoculture of the strain. You can find more information at Production and Quality.

Production of spirulina in open containers.
The production of spirulina in open containers exposes the product under damaging exogenic factors.

In the production centre of Spiroulina PLATENSIS, the product grows in a protective greenhouse under 162 small tanks. By doing so, there is no danger of exogenic factors such as insects, dust, rain etc.

The incorrect intake of spirulina
Many consumers due to lack of information provided for the intake of the supplement they did not receive the desired outcomes.

In our company, among others, there are 2 departments -Medical & Nutritional- which provide personalized instructions for use in order to optimize the results of receiving Spiroulina PLATENSIS products. If you wish you can fill in the Health Questionnaire.

Harassments for Telephone Sales
Many customers regularly mention the continuous and disturbing calls they receive from other spirulina companies regarding selling the products. Some people were confused and ordered products thinking that it was our company.

We would like to mention that our company is not involved in any way with the above.

Informative- Scientific Knowledge
We had the honour and pleasure to be chosen by University Research Centres in Greece in order to research our products proving in vivo the positive impacts of them in population with specific pathologies.


We would also like to highlight, that we are the only Greek company to be certified by TUV AUSTRIA Hellas with the Food Safety System Certification FSSC 22000 for the Food Security Monitoring System. Additionally, the company has been approved by the National Organization for Medicines for the supplement laboratory with Number of License (No.107554/16.12.2014).
You can find more information at Certifications.

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