Production and Quality

Our highest aim is to ensure quality of the product
We produce 100% Greek, safe, high-quality spirulina!


Our production unit

In a hot spring in Serres, we have built an innovative, ecologically adjusted production unit-aquiculture.

In the vertical production unit, in an area of 12 total acres, 100% of the Spiroulina PLATENSIS is produced under completely controlled conditions, with state-of-the-art equipment and highest technological European standards.

Specifically, the production unit is considered to be standard in its kind due to:

  • The greenhouse-type glass production facilities
  • The 162 small protected monoculture tanks that eliminated contamination problems from exogenous factors such as dust, insects, rain etc
  • Of the specially designed closed dryer
  • Approved by the National Organisation for laboratory production of complementary food


For all the above our production unit, has been chosen by the British Channel 4 here to make a documentary associated with the production of spirulina in the broadcast frame for the astronauts’ diet.

Production and quality Spiroulina PLATENSIS

The innovative design of the production unit in combination with the continuous quality controls contribute decisively to the production of excellent quality spirulina.

Spirulina grows in an aquatic, alkaline environment with the help of solar radiation and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The keys ensuring the excellent quality of our products are:

  • The continuous quality controls of the used waterthat exclude the possibility of heavy metals and microbial load on it.
  • The quality controls of the raw material and final products which makes its consumption absolutely safe for the health of adults and children
  • The regular inspections of the culture tanks that ensure the monoculture of the beneficial strain
  • The complete exclusion of the use of pesticides, insecticides, preservatives or genetically modified organisms

* It should be mentioned that algae have a high capacity for biodegradation of heavy metals, which means that their presence either in the water or in the nutrients used to grow spirulina would result in a burden on the final product.

The reward of our efforts, with the international Food Safety Management certificates from TUV Austria Hellas, is a guarantee of quality of Spiroulina PLATENSIS products.


We are the only Greek company that has been certified by TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas with the Food Safety System Certification FSSC 22000 for the Food Safety Management System.

Our company has a laboratory supplemented by the EOF (NOM, National Organization of Medicine) for the production of food supplements (License No. 107554 / 16.12.2014).


Clinical Research and Study

We had the honour and pleasure to be chosen by Universities’ Research Centres in Greece to carry research on spirulina products, proving in vivo the positive impacts of our products in populations with specific pathologies.

The topics of the clinical studies are:

There are pictures from our production unit.

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