5 habits for immediate weight loss

Weight loss is not a matter of beauty or aesthetics … It is a matter of health. Adjust your metabolism and achieve the ideal weight for you, simply by changing habits!

✔️ Put motion in your life
Do 20 minutes of some form of aerobic exercise every day, brisk walking, treadmill, or bike. Your heart rate will increase and your metabolism will be activated!

✔️Drink plenty of water
Water will not only hydrate you but also fill your stomach, reducing your appetite. Instead of water, you can drink during the day smoothies with Spiroulina PLATENSIS! Find delicious and healthy recipes here!

✔️ Eat salads
Choose green leafy vegetables and seasonal vegetables that are high in fiber, low in calories, high in water causing satiety. Accompany your salads with your favorite Spiroulina flakes. Get ideas for amazing salads here!

✔️Add snacks
Hunger is not a solution to lose weight. You have to have a lot of small meals. So do not miss the snacks! Make Cereal bars with honey and Spiroulina flakes and take them with you! See the recipe here!

✔️ Consume Spiroulina PLATENSIS daily!
Spiroulina PLATENSIS helps control the feeling of hunger thanks to the protein and polysaccharides it contains. In addition, it creates a feeling of satiety, without consuming large amounts of food. Finally, it stimulates the metabolism helping to burn fat.

Say goodbye to extra weight with Spiroulina PLATENSIS… naturally!

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