4 ingredients that protect you from Covid-19

Λαχανικά που προστατεύουν από τον Covid-19

In order to protect ourselves from Covid-19, except from wearing masks, keeping distances & hygiene, it is very important to take care of our diet!

Nutrients that boost the immune system & reduce the risk!

♦ Zinc
It is the metal that is involved in the activation of many enzymes and also has antioxidant activity. It therefore activates the immune system and helps prevent infections. Make Peas with Beef and Spirοulina flakes, a meal that contains full zinc (thanks to beef) & many nutrients thanks to Spirοulina flakes. See the recipe here!

♦ Vitamin Ε
It has a strong antioxidant effect, protecting cells from oxidative damage. In addition, it contributes to the production of B-cells that produce antibodies and help destroy bacteria. Have a Sandwich with avocado and Spirοulina flakes for a snack . Vitamin E, many other nutrients thanks to avocado & Spirοulina flakes! See the recipe here!

♦ Vitamin C
The most known vitamin for the treatment of viruses & flu! Contributes to the healthy functioning of the immune system as it improves the immune response & enhances the function of phagocytes. And since it suits the season, make Velvet soup with green vegetables & Spiroulina PLATENSIS Powder. Full of vitamin C thanks to broccoli, antioxidants and other valuable ingredients thanks to Spiroulina PLATENSIS. See the recipe here!

♦ Selenium
It is a powerful antioxidant, binds and neutralizes the free radicals of the body, having an effect on strengthening the immune system & fighting viruses. Make the most antioxidant Smoothie with green vegetables and Spiroulina PLATENSIS Powder. See the recipe here!

Don’t forget! Spiroulina PLATENSIS for strong immune system!
It works as a multivitamin, but it is a 100% natural product! Contains a wide range of vitamins, minerals, trace elements & high quality protein with all the essential amino acids – to build an excellent immune system

Protect yourself from Covid-19 with Spiroulina PLATENSIS… naturally!

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