How we make our lives zero waste

Σετ από κοκοφοίνικα & μπαμπού

Do you hear this phrase and think about what new trend will you follow? It is not just a trend! It is a way of life!
By Zero Waste we mean the management of products with the aim of reducing the volume and toxicity of waste and reusing all resources, avoiding the incineration or landfilling of waste.

5 habits to make your life zero waste!

🍃 Choose Bamboo straws and get rid of plastic!

🍃 Go shopping with a cloth bag and stop using plastic bags!

🍃 Serve your meals in a Coconut Bowl and not a plastic bowl!

🍃 Enjoy your lunch at work with coconut cutlery and not plastic!

🍃 Use a bamboo toothbrush… The plastic one is so old fashion!

These are just a few of the ways we can make our daily lives zero waste!
Stay tuned to for more eco-tips!


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