Earth Day: We make the change for a clean planet!

Δύο χέρια που κρατάνε ένα μικρό φυτό με χώμα

International Earth Day is not another celebration! It is another reason to think that this planet hosts us for as long as we live! We respect him and take care of him in order to pass him on to the next generations!

With this celebration, we make the change!

There are so many ways to become more eco friendly in practice! Small changes in our daily lives will make our planet sustainable!

♦ We say ‘No’ to processed foods!
Huge quantities of plastic are needed to pack, aggravating environmental pollution. In addition, their production contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. Choose natural products such as Spiroulina flakes! They are raw, in ecological packaging, and full of nutrients!

♦ We take plastic out of our lives!
Even in recycling, prevention counts! We take plastic out of our lives, to reduce its waste! Replace disposable plastic items of your daily life with multi-purpose ones. Use Bamboo straws! It’s eco friendly & completely organic!

♦ We use natural materials in our daily lives!

Prefer products derived from natural raw materials and biodegradable materials. Reduce the volume of waste and feel closer to Mother Earth using materials that respect her. Serve your meals and snacks in a Coconut Vegan Bowl! The coconut bowl is a sustainable product!

Don’t forget! Every day is earth day!


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