Why should we use bamboo straws?

Bamboo καλαμάκια Spiroulina PLATENSIS με καθαριστικό βουρτσάκι & πουγκί από juta

Because bamboo καλαμάκια are the most eco friendly option!

They are completely organic
They come from organic crops (with no use of chemical fertilizers) & healthy ground. The use of organic products, such as bamboo straws, helps to protect the environment but also our health.

They are 100% sustainable products
The plant that they are made from grows very fast. Bamboo is truly renewable crop!
◊ Did you know that… bamboo can grow some centimeters within an hour? ◊

They are biodegradable
When disposed, they do not harm the environment, as they are degraded through the activity of microorganisms that present in them. In addition, because their ingredients are natural, the degraded substances transform into nutrients for the dirt.
◊ Did you know that…with 6 bamboo straws a year, our plant gets rid of 450 plastic one use straws? ◊

Introduce the bamboo straws in your daily routine!
Since we are in Christmas mood, make the most Christmas smoothie με Spiroulina PLATENSIS Powder & drink it using our lovely bamboo straws! See the recipe here!

This Christmas we discover our eco side!

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