Final exams: the snacks that give energy

Βιβλίο αρχαίων με ένα σνακ και ένα φακελάκι Σπιρουλίνα flakes

You study all day … Your energy levels drop. The solution is not coffee and chocolate … The solution is the right snacks!

Energy-giving snacks: 5 healthy combinations

1 cereal bar with Spiroulina flakes
Simple and austere snack! It gives a lot of energy thanks to the fiber and protein of Spiroulina flakes. To have enough bars, make your own! Find the recipe here!

1 greek yogurt + 1 tbsp oats + 4 strawberries + 1 tbsp Spiroulina flakes
The perfect combination is one that contains protein, carbohydrates & fiber. And in this snack, you have it all!

10 almonds + 10 dried cranberries & goji berries + 1 tbsp Spiroulina flakes
Protein & fatty acids thanks to almonds and fiber thanks to berries! Gain lasting energy with this snack!

1 banana + 1 tbsp peanut butter + 1 tbsp Spiroulina flakes
So sweet, so delicious and so healthy! This snack contains natural sugars thanks to the banana, protein thanks to Spiroulina flakes and good fatty acids thanks to peanut butter. Full energy for a long time!

3 wholemeal crackers+ 1 tbsp of hummus with Spiroulina flakes
Carbohydrate-rich snack thanks to whole crackers! Combine them perfectly with homemade hummus with Spiroulina flakes, for protein and fatty acids! Find the recipe here!

Add the right snacks & Spiroulina PLATENSIS in your diet for energy … that lasts!

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