5 tips for healthy eating!

Most of us have associated a healthy diet with something boring. when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. Is a healthy diet really tiring? The answer is no!

Losing weight based on your blood group

How many diets have you tried in the past? We guess, many and possibly not (always) with the desired results. Before vacation season begins, you are trying to lose the weight you gained during quarantine!

3 Summer drinks

Are you looking for the ideal combination for tanning, hydration and taste for this summer? We got this! Three smoothies… One for each need!

5 Essential Ingredients necessary for everyday nutrition

Good nutrition is the one that consists the consumption of all food. Do you know which are the 5 necessary nutrients for our nutrition? Nutrition is A and Z not only for surviving and covering the dietary needs but for the prevention of any disease. Good nutrition is balanced with variety and a limit in consuming all foods.

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