Spiroulina PLATENSIS: the ideal food for vegans or vegetarians

Λευκό πιάτο με πιρούνι και μία φέτα με αβοκάντο και Σπιρουλίνα flakes

Today is the big celebration of vegetarian diet, World Vegan Day, and we share the reasons why Spiroulina PLATENSIS is the ideal food for each one of us that we are vegan ή vegetarian!

4 nutrients of Spiroulina PLATENSIS that make it ideal for vegans!

It is a key ingredient in our diet. But meat is not the only source of protein!
Spiroulina PLATENSIS contains protein of high biological value (in percentage of 65-75%), given that it has all the essential amino acids.

Iron intake may be related with the consumption of animal products, but there is another option! For example, spirulina contains trivalent iron.
More specifically, with 3g of Spiroulina PLATENSIS the 18,87% of daily needs are covered.

Vitamin Β12
This vitamin, known as cyanocobalamin, is not produced by plants. It is taken mostly from foods that are enriched with it and with spirulina intake as well.
Did you know that… with 3g of Spiroulina PLATENSIS you can cover up to 81,25% of your daily needs?

Ω-3 fatty acids
Because Spiroulina PLATENSIS is a microalgae, it contains large amounts of fatty acids.
Think of that…3g of Spiroulina PLATENSIS can cover up to 24,32% of your daily needs in polyunsaturated fatty acids.

More info:
Spiroulina PLATENSIS has a strong detoxifying effect due to the phycocyanin and the carotenes that it has!

For a balanced vegan or vegetarian diet, take Spiroulina PLATENSIS!

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