Tips for strong memory

Κοπέλα που κρατάει βιβλίο

The exams are approaching and the requirements are increased! A strong memory is more necessary than ever!

What do we do to enhance memory? 

♦ We follow a balanced diet that can help boost memory.
♦ We get enough sleep because sleep enhances memory and helps store and sort the information we receive during the day.
♦ We consume Spiroulina PLATENSIS daily!

  • B-complex vitamins: they contribute to the proper functioning of the brain and protect against reduced memory
  • Carbohydrates: they play an important role in enhancing memory since they are the main “fuel” of the brain.
  • Ω-3 fatty acids: act beneficially on the ability to memorize.
  • Iron: lack of it causes inability to concentrate and memory gaps.

#moreinfo Spiroulina PLATENSIS is a 100% natural product, without excipients, additives or synthetic substances that burden the liver.

For strong memory… Put Spiroulina PLATENSIS in your life!

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