Spiroulina PLATENSIS for strong immune system!

Νεαρή γυναίκα με ξανθά μαλλιά που κρατάει χιόνι

‘Leandrus’ is here & Covid-19 is not gone yet! Protect yourself giving your body the most valuable food… Spiroulina PLATENSIS!

Spiroulina PLATENSIS for strong immune systemι!
It works as a multivitamin, but it is a 100% natural product!
Spiroulina PLATENSIS contains a wide range of vitamins, minerals, trace elements & high quality protein with all the essential amino acids – to build an excellent immune system

    • Phycocyanin: strengthens the body’s resistance to viral infections
    • Vitamin Ε: contributes to the production of B-cells that produce antibodies and help destroy bacteria.
    • β- carotene: seeks out and destroys germs and other ‘sick’cells, having also strong antioxidant activity.
    • Zinc and Selenium:promote the production of white blood cells that body needs to attack pathogenic microorganisms

More info: Spiroulina PLATENSIS works preventively but also suppresses attacks by viruses and bacteria. Even if we get sick, Spiroulina PLATENSIS contributes to faster recovery!

We protect our body with Spiroulina PLATENSIS… naturally!

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