5 ways to add Spiroulina PLATENSIS in your diet

Χυμός με Σκόνη Spiroulina PLATENSIS & σαλάτα με Spiroulina flakes

Spiroulina PLATENSIS is pure food. For this reason there are plenty of ways that are anything but boring to eat spirulina! Upgrade your meals by adding it following the suggestions below!

⇒ Breakfast
You work from home? If the answer is yes, then you definitely have the time to make a fresh orange and kiwi juice. Add 1 sachet of Spiroulina PLATENSIS powder It will reduce the feeling of hunger and it will boost your body even more!

⇒ Elevenses
You need a snack? Take your yoghurt and enjoy it with honey and a tablespoon of Spiroulina flakes! It will reduce the feeling of hunger and it will boost your body even more!

⇒ Lunch
If you are not a morning type, spend a little time on your lunch and make the healthiest pasta! Spaghetti with broccoli and Spiroulina flakes. Learn how to cook it here!

⇒ Tea
Do you have cravings? The best and most nutritious choice is a Cereal bar with honey and Spiroulina flakes. Great taste, as sweet as you need and with many nutrients! See the recipe here!

⇒ Dinner
Choose something light! Prepare a delicious and healthy salad that has the necessary amount of Spiroulina PLATENSIS! Make Salad with couscous, vegetables, and Spiroulina flakes. See the recipe here.

Why should we consume Spiroulina PLATENSIS daily?
Spiroulina PLATENSIS works as a multivitamin, but it is 100% natural product It contains protein, vitamins, minerals and a variety of trace elements as well as:

  • Phycocyanin: which is an extremely antioxidant substance. It strengthens the body’s resistance to viral infections.
  • β- carotene: which seeks out and destroys germs and other ‘sick’cells
  • Fatty acids: that that help to stimulate the body, the proper functioning of the brain and the mood.
  • Vitamin E: that helps the proper functioning of immune system.

Spiroulina PLATENSIS the ideal choice for every meal!

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