3+1 nutrients that Spiroulina PLATENSIS contains necessary for every blood volunteer

Κόκκινη καρδιά μέσα σε ένα κύκλο που γύρω του έχει τις ομάδες αίματος σε λευκό φόντο

14th of June of every year is attributed as the World Blood Donor Day.
This day is the reward day for every volunteer whose altruism provides two valuable things: his time and his blood.

The continuous need for blood, makes blood donation an imperative need not only in periods of crisis but regularly.

Spiroulina PLATENSIS supports the PanHellenic Torch Relay of Volunteer Blood Donors.

Spiroulina PLATENSIS: supporter of every blood donator
It contains a wide variety of nutrients that is necessary for every organism.

Spiroulina PLATENSIS is a 100% natural product, not genetically modified, without any artificial colours and preservatives.

It is about a full and ideal food for every blood donor because:
It a source of iron, allowing blood donors to replenish immediately the iron they lost during blood donation.

It consists:

  • Complex Vitamin B: B9 (folic acid), B1, B2 and B3 which are essential for haematopoiesis as well as B5, B6, B8 and B12 which help donor’s health and boost the nervous system.
  • High protein quantities which help the organism to replenish any blood substances
  • All the essential and non-essential amino acids allowing even vegetarians to become blood donors.

Spiroulina PLATENSIS among others:

  • Offers high energy levels
  • Boosts immune system
  • Keep the organism active
  • Helps in the revitalisation after intense workout and exercise
  • Helps woman’s organism during menstruation and menopauseBlood donors show the greatness of their souls by donating blood.
    Let this become an action that we should all follow, to become blood donors.

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