After all, what is sustainable living?

Στρογγυλός ξύλινος πάγκος κοπής που έχει πάνω μία πάνινη τσάντα, ένα coconut bowl, μαχαιροπίρουνα από κοκοφοίνικα

Sustainable living… Do you hear about it but you do not know what exactly it is? Learn what it means and change your lifestyle!

Sustainable, Sustainability and the rest unknown words!
Using the above words or phrases we describe a way of life that aims to reduce the use of the Earth’s natural resources as well as our personal resources. In essence, it is the model of sustainable living.

Sustainable living is related to the whole spectrum of our lives and our activities. Sustainable living includes a way of life and daily choices that contribute to the protection of our planet.

How to make your daily life more sustainable?
Change your life by doing the following:
🍃 reduce waste
🍃 reuse
🍃 recycle
in other words: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
So simple but so different from the lifestyle we already have!

What do we do at to be sustainable?
We recycle as many items as we can!
We avoid plastic, that’s why our packaging is made of recyclable paper or glass!
We choose eco products for our customers! Bamboo straws & toothbrushes, coconut bowl & cutlery is just the beginning of our shop!

Follow another way of life… Be eco, be greener, be sustainable!

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