Why use a bamboo toothbrush?

Bamboo οδοντόβουρτσες μέσα σε μία χάρτινη οικολογική τσάντα

Throw away the plastic toothbrush and get one made of bamboo! It’s not another trend… It is necessary to save the planet!

5 reasons that Bamboo toothbrush is the coolest choice!

🎋It is 100% biodegradable. It is recycled by first discarding the hairs in the trash & burying the handle in the soil or in compost.

🎋It is in eco-friendly packaging since it’s being stored in a recyclable paper box.

🎋It is plastic-free & zero waste. By using it we prevent… 47,7 billion plastic toothbrushes in Landfills. & 600 million. kg waste of plastic toothbrushes annually.

🎋It is vegan & cruelty free, since bamboo doesn’t contain any animal product.

🎋It is the most eco choice for your oral hygiene, thanks to the natural antibacterial properties of bamboo.

Buying the Bamboo toothbrush we contribute directly to reducing the use of plastics, protecting habitats, biodiversity and oceans!

Find your eco side with small changes in your daily life!

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