Take care of your plants with Spiroulina PLATENSIS!

Πολλά πορτοκαλί τριαντάφυλλα

Give your favorite plants a multitude of nutrients, by adding Spiroulina PLATENSIS to their daily care!

Why do plants need Spiroulina PLATENSIS;
Spiroulina PLATENSIS contains:

  • phosphorus, which makes plants resistant to stress and helps the growth of flowers and roots,
  • potassium, which contributes to the process of photosynthesis and the protection of plants from diseases,
  • calcium, which helps the structure of the cells but also the circulation of water in them,
  • copper, which is essential for the reproduction of the plant,
  • iron, which contributes to the formation of chlorophyll.

How to use Spiroulina PLATENSIS in your plants!
Each time you water your pots, dissolve in water 1 sachet Spiroulina PLATENSIS Powder or 5 tablets of Spiroulina PLATENSIS.

Apply the above tip and see your plants more beautiful than ever!

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