The secret for shiny & helathy tan

Νεαρή γυναίκα που περπατάει προς την παραλία με πράσινο μαγιό

Every summer you put a lot of effort to achieve the perfect tan … But something goes wrong and… the chocolate color never comes! Have you thought that diet can help enhance tanning?

The secret is in diet!
☀️ Under the influence of the sun, a group of cells, the melanocytes, are stimulated, which secrete melanin. To increase melanin production in the body, foods containing carotenoids (a group of pigments) such as β-carotene, lycopene, and selenium must be consumed, which are converted into vitamin A, which is necessary to maintain radiant skin and to protect cells from lesions.

☀️ In addition, for an impressive tan, proper hydration of the body is essential. If the body is dehydrated, with sun exposure, the skin dries out resulting in burning and not glowing. Keep your body and skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water or smoothies with Spiroulina PLATENSIS (see the recipes here!) & consuming many foods with high water content, such as seasonal fruits with which we make wonderful fruit salads and Spirulina flakes (see the recipe here!)

Don’t forget…
At regular intervals, moisturize your skin with moisturizers or emulsions and remove dead cells by exfoliating. See the recipe here for Body scrub with Spiroulina PLATENSIS.

Spiroulina PLATENSIS for perfect tan!
Spiroulina PLATENSIS contains nutrients that act beneficially in our effort for a uniform and safe tan:

  • Vitamin Β12, which helps in the production of melanin,
  • b-carotene (provitamin), giving a uniform tan that lasts. In addition, it is an essential vitamin for healthy skin without freckles, blemishes, and discoloration due to ultraviolet rays,
  • Vitamin Ε, necessary for the elasticity and moisturizing of the skin as well as for the prevention of skin cancer,
  • minerals, and fatty acids, which catalyze the acquisition of glowing skin.

Get a nice & safe tan with Spiroulina PLATENSIS … Naturally! 

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