Spiroulina PLATENSIS & Covid-19

Spiroulina PLATENSIS has a number of beneficial properties, which are scientifically documented by clinical studies. With the Covid-19 pandemic, the scientific community highlighted the action of Spiroulina PLATENSIS against Covid-19 both preventively and suppressively.

The positive contribution of Spiroulina PLATENSIS on COVID-19 prevention & hospitalization (Elias E. Mazokopakis & Maria G. Παπαδομανωλάκη, 2022)

Ιατρός σε ένα εργαστήριο μελετά ένα υγρό σε δοκιμαστικό σωλήνα
The contribution of Spiroulina PLATENSIS on COVID-19 prevention and hospitalization | spiroulina.gr

Spirulina has a potentially effective action in the fight against the coronavirus (M. McCarty & J. DiNicolantonio,2020)

New research protocols on the effect of spirulina on symptom improvement as well as severity and mortality in patients with Covid-19

Επιστημονικές έρευνες με σπιρουλίνα
Spiroulina PLATENSIS & coronavirus: Scientific data | spiroulina.gr

Spiroulina PLATENSIS: the natural solution for the prevention & treatment of covid-19.

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