Start your week with full energy!

Χαμογελαστή κοπέλα που κάνει το σήμα της νίκης

We welcome the new week & say goodbye to June with full energy!

5 tips to get in a higher energy level! 

  • Reduce your daily responsibilities 
    You do not need to do everything at work or at home because it is Monday! The obligations will always be many and the stress they cause us “steals” energy. So, just prioritize them!
  • Sleep properly
    If you want to wake up full of energy and fun, put your sleep in order! Get 7-8 hours of sleep a day and try to reduce your exposure time to electronic devices before going to bed.
  • Detoxify
    Get rid of harmful toxins that block the body’s normal processes. Put the detox smoothies with Spiroulina PLATENSIS in your daily routine and get rid of whatever weighs on you! See the recipe here!
  • Adopt a healthy diet
    If you eat right, you will have energy all day! So, plan and eat 5 meals a day, which includes foods from all groups. Be careful! Limit processed foods! They fill you up with toxins and unnecessary calories!
  • Put Spiroulina PLATENSIS in your life!
    Spiroulina PLATENSIS improves the body’s energy levels since it contains:
    ◊ vitamin Β complex, that helps convert food into energy,
    ◊ vitamin Ε, that has a strong antioxidant activity,
    ◊ zinc, which helps in the metabolism of carbohydrates, which give energy
    ◊ magnesium, which helps release the energy,
    ◊iron, which gives stimulation.

Make a schedule & consume Spiroulina PLATENSIS to be more powerful than ever!

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