Spiroulina PLATENSIS for full energy!

Χαμογελαστή γυναίκα με λευκό πουκάμισο και τζιν δουλεύει από το σπίτι

Although we continue to work from home and the demands increase instead of decreasing, we start the week with smiles, full energy and Spiroulina PLATENSIS!

5 tips to boost your energy levels!

∴ Reduce your daily responsibilities
You don’t have to deal with everything just because it is Monday! Your responsibilities will always be many & the stress that they cause to us is ‘stealing’our energy. So, prioritize them!

∴ Sleep well
In order to wake up really refreshed, put your sleep in order! Sleep 7-8 hours daily and before you go to bed, reduce the time you are exposed to electronic devices.

∴ Detoxify
Get rid of all the harmful toxins that block the body’s natural processes. Put the detoxifying smoothies with Spiroulina PLATENSIS in your daily routine and get rid of whatever weighs on you! See the recipe here!

∴ Adopt a healthy diet
If you eat properly, you will have energy all day! So, plan and eat 5 meals a day, which includes foods from all groups. Be careful! Limit processed foods! They fill you up with toxins and unnecessary calories! Find delicious, healthy & nutritious meals here!

∴ Introduce Spiroulina PLATENSIS into your life!
It is a 100% natural product, that improves your energy levels due to the ingredients below:
◊ Protein, that gets involved in many functions of human body. Additionally, it contains glycine ( an amino acid that is used to form proteins) which is a component of creatine, which provides energy to the muscles to perform activities.
◊ Vitamin Β complex, which help convert food into energy, increase endurance, improve performance and relieve fatigue. (Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause chronic fatigue & lack of concentration.)
◊ Iron, which is responsible for transporting oxygen, resulting in immediate stimulation of the body. (Iron deficiency causes fatigue and weakness.)

Get full energy with Spiroulina PLATENSIS!

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