Do you know all the tips for nonstop energy?

It is only a few days since September begun and you already feel tired?

Changing habits and moving from summer relaxing moments to the fall routine definitely make you feel tired and sad.

Let’s find out why though…
Have you ever thought why you feel tired even though you had fun during the summer?

The factors that affect our energy levels are many:

  1. Lack of sleep or bad quality sleep
    No lies mentioned here… You are not in fall mood due to the work coming!
    Still going out and you sleep less!
  2. Stress
    Projects have deadlines…
    The reality is demanding…
    Job, house, kids… everyday life stresses you!
    Did you know that this stress affects your energy?
  3. Strict diets
    In vacations apart from good memories, you also gained weight. Coming back home you start a diet to lose weight. But you ae doing it by eating less and this makes your organism feel tired.

Plan for energy!
It happens to everyone, we searched it and we have the best advice so you can live the days that come to the fullest!

Eat breakfast
“Eat like a king in the morning”

Old sayings are wise…

Breakfast is not mentioned with no reason as the most important meal of the day. It is associated with good nutrition.
It provides energy and nutrients to the organism helping him work at its highest.

Breakfasts for a day full of energy!
› Milk or yogurt with cereals
› Smoothies with seasonal fruits and Spiroulina PLATENSIS – – check here for smoothie recipes for all demands!
› A toast with low fat cheese, a slice of turkey and a glass of fresh juice.
› A bagel with low fat cheese and a glass of fresh juice.

Reduce the consumption of salt
You may have combined reducing salt with diets, but we would like to inform you that increased consumption of salt lead to water retention and increased arterial blood levels therefore low energy levels.

Exercise everyday so you can deal with stress
You may believe that gym makes you feel tired but in reality, it stimulates your mind and body. It is not random that our ancient ancestors combined mental health with exercise.

In order to face challenges, you should also prepare your body!

We don’t mean to start CrossFit out of the blue!

A few minutes’ walk every day will do the work.

Being in contact with nature will charge your batteries again!

Reduce sugar consumption
Ok… don’t cut ice creams right away!

Don’t fall in the trap that “I feel tired, so let’s have a chocolate bar to feel better”

Sweets provide you energy temporarily.

Once they are digested, energy levels fall dramatically so you feel drained.

Next time choose fruits or a snack instead of sweets.

Sleep well
It is well known that the organism needs 7 to 8 hours sleep every night for recharge and reduce stress.

If you have difficulties in sleep, reduce caffeine after noon and remove electronic devices from your room…

Television and cell phones absorb our energy without us noticing!

(+) Spiroulina PLATENSIS: natural source of energy and boost
Η Spiroulina PLATENSIS, due to its essential nutrients, is the ideal ally that will provide you energy and boost in your organism.

Specifically, Spiroulina PLATENSIS consists of:

  • Carbohydrates: main source of energy for brain and muscles
  • Complex Vitamin B: contribute to energy release during metabolism
  • Iron: responsible for oxygen transport with immediate organism boost
  • Great source of protein
  • Magnesium: participates in enzyme synthesis required in metabolism

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