Competition Terms ‘Win a Coconut set: bowl & cutlery’

Coconut bowl & cutlery σε καλοκαιρινό φόντο με καρύδα και αστερία

The company with the name “Hellenic Spirulina Net LP” (hereinafter “Spiroulina PLATENSIS”), located at 27 Lelas Karagianni Street, organizes the Competition called ‘Win a Coconut set: bowl & cutlery’ (hereinafter “Competition”), which is communicated, posted and take place through the social networking site (εφεξής Instagram).

The start date of the Competition is set at 25/6/2021. The closing date of the Competition is set at 10/7/2021, at 12:00 p.m.

Participation in the Competition: To participate in the Competition the participant must visit the website Eligible to participate are natural persons who reside in Greece or Cyprus and have completed the eighteenth (18) year of age. The employees and legal representatives of the companies “Hellenic Spirulina Network LP” & “Relevance” as well as the employees and legal representatives of the affiliated companies, and the first degree relatives of the above are not eligible to participate.
To validly enter the contest, users must follow the website , comment tagging two friends to the above-mentioned link: on June 25, 2021, until the end of the competition on July 10, 2021, in the above date.

The prize of the competition is:  1 Coconut Vegan Bowl, 1 Coconut spoon, 1 Coconut knife, 1 Coconut fork for each winner.

To participate in the Competition, the purchase of a product is not required. Participation in the Competition is free.

On July 12, 2021, a draw will be held between the valid entries to select the winners. The draw will be carried out by electronic means, ensuring the random selection and the impossibility of any human intervention.

If for any reason it is not possible to hold this draw on the aforementioned date, Spiroulina PLATENSIS reserves the right to change it, with prior notice on its website

Furthermore, reserves the right to modify, revoke, extend or reduce the duration of the competition or to change its terms (without any obligation or responsibility), posting relevant information/publication of any change in the

The winners of the draw will be announced on the website, on a selected date by the organizing company (Spiroulina PLATENSIS), in order to proceed with the process of sending the prizes based on the declared data of the participants-winners. Spiroulina PLATENSIS bears no responsibility in case a winner does not receive his prize.
The winners of the competition must accept their prize within 5 days from the day the relevant comment will be posted on the website of the Organizing Company ( ) and will be the indication of acceptance of the prize. In case the winners do not respond within 5 days, there is no acceptance and they lose their prize claim.
The same will happen if, when trying to contact the winner, it is found that the Contact Information is inaccurate and therefore it is not possible to contact him.
Each natural person can participate only once (1) in the Competition. Spiroulina PLATENSIS reserves the unlimited right to exclude participants who do not meet the conditions for participation in accordance with these terms or even to withdraw the prize, if after the winners are announced that the terms of the competition are not met. Entries with malicious content and/or that offend the public decency and good morals, as well as entries that present ambiguities, inaccuracies, or other legal, factual, and technical defects will not be accepted.

Each participant declares that the information he/she stated about his / her participation in this Contest is true and accurate. Spiroulina PLATENSIS is not responsible for any incorrect or untrue information that will be declared/completed and is released from any obligation towards the participant. Spiroulina PLATENSIS has no obligation or responsibility to verify the accuracy of this information.
Participation and prizes are personal, non-transferable. Prizes cannot be exchanged for money or other products or services other than those expressly available herein to the winner.
Spiroulina PLATENSIS shall not be liable in the event that for reasons relating to an incident that constitutes force majeure or to incidents outside its sphere of control, it is not possible to fulfill its obligations under this Competition and is therefore exempted from these. After the completion of the draw and the return of the prizes to the winners, Spiroulina PLATENSIS is released from any obligation and bears no responsibility.

Spiroulina PLATENSIS bears no criminal or civil liability to any winner or third party, for any accident, damage, or injury caused to them directly or indirectly related to the Prizes, their use, or for any other reason. The participants do not acquire and retain absolutely no rights over the marks, names, indications, logos and other insignia of the company Spiroulina PLATENSIS.

The terms of participation in the competition will be found in the link of the bio of the page throughout the duration of this competition and until the winners are announced and the prizes are received. Reading the terms presupposes the access of the interested parties to the internet with their own technical means and full legal capacity. Spiroulina PLATENSIS does not bear any obligation if for reasons of force majeure or incidents outside the sphere of control and responsibility, the service is not available to the contestants or it becomes impossible for them to participate in the contest (eg due to inability to submit the relevant tender form, etc.) for any period of time. In no case will Spiroulina PLATENSIS be liable for any direct or indirect damages, etc. that may arise, due to interruption, malfunction, delays, or other technical problems on the online platform of the company FACEBOOK. Participants state that they have accepted the terms of registration and use on Instagram. Furthermore, Spiroulina PLATENSIS is not responsible for any damage to Facebook and the website which would result in the temporary or permanent inability to participate in the competition and the cancellation of some entries.

These terms are governed by and construed in accordance with Greek law. Any dispute or dispute arising regarding the present terms of the Competition and the draw will be resolved in accordance with Greek law and the Courts of Athens will have exclusive jurisdiction.


We inform you that :
The contest is communicated to the public and posted through the social networking site Therefore, the online platform of the company FACEBOOK IRELAND is used, which may collect and process your data on its own during the visit or use of the site and so please read the privacy policy and cookies on the links and

Furthermore, competition is conducted through the website of the company Spiroulina PLATENSIS and specifically the site Spiroulina PLATENSIS collects and processes the personal data provided to it by the participants themselves.

The data collected, to the company Spiroulina PLATENSIS that provides the prizes of the competition, and from it to the postal services companies directly cooperating with it. The Contact Information of the winners will be kept by Spiroulina PLATENSIS in a special file until the end of the Competition and the delivery of the prizes, after which, as long as it is no longer necessary to keep the data for the fulfillment of legal obligations or for the exercise and defense of the legal rights of Spiroulina PLATENSIS, the file will be deleted. Personal data will remain on a secure server within the European Union, ie it will not be transmitted to destinations outside the European Union. Your data is not disclosed or transmitted to third countries by the company Hellenic Spirulina Network.

You have the right to freely and unreasonably revoke your consent at any time by sending a message to
You have access to a correction and limitation update for your data for which you can contact the Spiroulina Platensis Data Protection Officer (DPO) at: 2108646515 or email: [email protected]
In case of violation or dissatisfaction of your rights you have the right to file a complaint to the Personal Data Protection Authority in writing (1-3 Kifissias, PC 115 23, Athens) and electronically (

Participation in the Competition presupposes the unconditional acceptance of all the above terms by the participant.
Each participant states that “I have been fully aware of the detailed terms of the competition and my relevant rights to the protection of personal data, and I unreservedly accept the above in full, I am over 18 years old and I accept the use of my personal data for those listed above in the terms of this invitation to tender “.

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