Do you know how to lose extra pounds by the holidays?

Κοπέλα με τα χέρια ψηλα στην παραλία

Summer vacations are approaching … Feel more breezy, expelling whatever weighs on you. Follow our advice and you will … lose it!

Spiroulina PLATENSIS +fruits & vegetables = Super Summer Body Boost
A smoothie with simple ingredients that in combination with Spiroulina PLATENSIS contributes to weight loss by reducing cravings and receiving all the necessary nutrients! In addition, it provides a feeling of wellness.

How exactly does Spiroulina PLATENSIS help in weight loss?
Spiroulina PLATENSIS helps regulate body weight and activate metabolism as:
* it contains in concentrated form a wide range of nutrients
* it is extremely low in calories

In addition, thanks to Spiroulina PLATENSIS:
> The feeling of hunger is more easily controlled thanks to the protein and the polysaccharides.
> The feeling of satiety is created, without consuming large amounts of food.
> Metabolism is stimulated helping to burn fat.

Drink every day a smoothie with Spiroulina PLATENSIS. The results will be immediate! See the recipe here!
#extratip Enjoy your smoothie using a Bamboo straw! It is the ultimate eco-trend! 😉

Love & take care of your body with Spiroulina PLATENSIS!

Products used in this recipe:

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