Sidirokastro is a small town located in Serres and of Sintiki’s district.

It is located near the river Strymonas between the Angistri and Vrontous mountains.
Main characteristic of Sidirokastro is the extended geothermal area which is 8 km northwest of Sidirokastro town alongside Thermopigi’s suburb. Due to this geothermal area mentioned above we chose to build an innovative environmental ly friendly production unit of spirulina in a 12 acres area. In the same area the hot springs are located widely known since the Byzantium ages for their healing properties. Therefore, visitors can combine a trip by visiting the Byzantine castle of Sidirokastro, the lake Kerkini, the Roupel’s fort, the Palaeontological Musehum and the Strymona river famous for Hercules’s achievements.

Below there are photos of the sights of Municipality of Sintiki.

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