Our company’s philosophy

The company has been built and developed to serve consumer’s needs and respect the environment.


Our priority is:

  • The production of excellent quality spirulina through advanced and environmentally friendly technological equipment.
  • Offering excellent quality products and services to our customers
  • Adopting innovative approaches which can contribute economically in the society in the local community of Sidirikastro, where the production unit is located.
  • The long-term development of the company

The keys to success in our efforts among other are:

  • The repetitive quality checks of our products
  • The communication between us and the customer which helps us gain valuable experience
  • The focus on our employees as the most important factor to achieve our aims
  • The cooperation with Universities for the observation of research related to the effects of spirulina in health.


          Our vision… Is for spirulina to become a nutritional habit for every family.

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